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10.08.2011 - Obaid Family Gift Will Support Reconstructive Transplantation at Mayo Clinic

02.04.2015 - EDOF Strategic Partnership with CNN Freedom Project
26.05.2015 - EDOF Partners with the International Committee of the Red Cross
19.06.2015 - EDOF supports the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations for Educational Efforts

16.10.2015 - CNN and Harvard's Belfer Center join forces to fight human trafficking

04.10.2016 - Unique collaboration between CNN and Ministry of Education, University and Research puts slavery issues at the heart of Italian curriculum

30.01.2017 - CNN mobilizes students for global day of action against human trafficking

17.02.2017 - Mayo Clinic announces successful face transplant on Wyoming man

22.02.2017 - EDOF Support Leads to Groundbreaking Face Transplant

01.03.2017 - The Essam and Dalal Obaid Foundation Releases its 2016 Achievement Report

23.03.2017 - EDOF Congratulates CNN and the CNN Freedom Project on the Highly Successful #MyFreedomDay Initiative

04.04.2017 - EDOF Announces Partnership with FreezMate to Provide Heated and Cooling Mattresses to Syrian Refugees
12.05.2017 - EDOF Announces Partnership with the Link Campus Foundation

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2015 Campaign - The EDOF and CNN Freedom project
2016 Campaign - EDOF & CNN Freedom Project - 2 years of partnership

#MyFreedomDay Press Coverage

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