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The CNN Freedom Project

Despite past and continuing efforts, human trafficking remains a tragic reality with wide-ranging social, economic and legal implications that affect all segments of societies around the world. While the primary responsibility for eliminating human trafficking lies with governments, an effective response requires participation of everyone.

“This is why EDOF has decided to partner with one of the most important anti-slavery entities working in the world today: The CNN Freedom Project”

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EDOF is joining the CNN Freedom Project in order to provide another voice to amplify the global issue of modern day slavery, raise awareness of what credible organizations are doing to end human trafficking, and publicly support the Freedom Project by increasing global awareness among the business community. EDOF has implemented a wide social media advocacy campaign in an effort to add its voice the CNN Freedom Project’s message of hope and justice.

To date, the CNN Freedom Project has:

- Reported over four hundred unique stories on human trafficking across more than sixty countries

- Provided documented evidence leading to the rescue of 1000+ people

- Sparked tens of millions of dollars in donations to anti-trafficking organizations

- Changed laws and multi-national corporate policies in the food and hospitality industries

- Inspired the formation of numerous non-profits and campaigns around the world

- Won dozens of journalism and human rights awards, including a finalist nomination for the Sakharov Prize, European Parliament’s most prestigious human rights honor

National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations

Although their cultures and backgrounds differ greatly, the U.S. and Arab countries have a long history of cooperation. Whether it be diplomats, business people, travelers, scholars, scientists or lay people, U.S. and Arab citizens have been collaborating professionally and personally for many, many years. However, despite their respective interests being deeply intertwined, to this day those who reach out in an attempt to bridge divides, foster mutual respect and encourage the exchange of knowledge are sometimes met with resistance that stems from a lack of understanding.

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Founded in 1983, the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations (NCUSAR) is an organization that attempts to correct this situation by promoting learning about and enhancement of positive U.S.-Arab relations.

“EDOF has decided to get involved in NCUSAR’s mission by funding initiatives that play an integral part in their ongoing efforts to bring both parts of the world closer together.” - Dr. Nawaf Obaid, CEO

EDOF is supporting NCUSAR's educational goals because educated individuals, especially those who have gone through one of the NCUSAR internship programs, are the best guarantors of an insightful and productive cooperation between the cultures. EDOF’s advocacy efforts are based on the belief that, at a time of rising tensions, it is more than ever paramount that moderate, inclusive and enlightened individuals be given a forum of expression and the opportunity to share their knowledge.


Tough environments and extreme weather climate have become an increasingly major issue that affects our outdoor plans and lifestyle. Therefore Freezmate is launching beautifully wrapped mattresses that defy the heat and the cold by providing a chilling sensation or comfortable warmth with nonexistent side effects and affordable prices. Under extreme weather conditions and temperature reaching 40' Celsius, the cooling ingredients keep the products reservedly chilled up to 3 hours and more. On the other hand, the very same products can be microwaved within few minutes and turn into a warming tool that defies the cold with a maximum and convenient warmth.

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Throughout this partnership, EDOF and Freezmate will make it possible to send heated and cooling mattresses to the refugees from the Syrian civil war so they can weather the hardships of winter.

Freezmate was founded by businessman, Tarek Al Emam. While its goal is to be able to provide the mattresses to refugees around the world, the organization is currently focused on the urgency of what is happening in Syria. As Mr. Al Emam says, “Refugees face such a daunting number of difficulties, from finding food and adequate housing to receiving medical care and avoiding further conflict. We feel that sending heated/cooling mattresses is not only one way to offer direct help, but we also hope to use the news about the shipment of the mattresses to highlight the fact that more help is needed.”

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