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EDOF supports reconstructive transplantation at Mayo Clinic with the creation of The Mayo Clinic Essam and Dalal Obaid Center for Reconstructive Transplant Surgery

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Mayo Clinic Philanthropic Partner Support

In 2011, EDOF became a Mayo Clinic benefactor by gifiting a donation
to support reconstructive transplantation.

Transforming a life:
Mayo Clinic announces its first face transplant
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Reconstructive transplantation at Mayo Clinic currently includes hand transplantation for patients who require complex reconstruction that conventional methods cannot address. In the future, Mayo Clinic plans to expand to include face transplantation, which will complement Mayo Clinic’s existing facial reconstructive surgery program for complex deformities of the face caused by congenital issues, trauma and illness. “Many of these patients will do very well with advanced reconstructive techniques”, says Samir Mardini, M.D., a facial reconstructive surgeon at Mayo Clinic, “and some who might be candidates for a face transplant would be considered for this procedure in the future.”

Mayo opened the first clinical hand transplant program in the U.S., that gives patients a reconstructive transplantation surgery option without needing to enroll in experimental trials. Mayo Clinic is currently screening patients for bilateral and unilateral hand transplantation, which includes all aspects of needed care: microsurgery, rehabilitation, rejection monitoring, social services, and psychiatric support. A physician referral is not required.

Brooks Edwards, M.D., leads the Mayo Clinic Transplant Center, which houses the interdisciplinary reconstructive transplantation team led by surgical co-directors, Steven Moran, M.D., and Dr. Mardini, and medical director, Hatem Amer, M.D. The medical and surgical staff also includes Brian Carlsen, M.D., Sheila Jowsey, M.D., Keith Bengtson, M.D., Mary Jurisson, M.D., and Thomas Schwab, M.D.

Tarek Obaid and Dr. Mardini were childhood friends. Mr. Obaid’s generosity was inspired by his experience as a Mayo patient, his friendship with Dr. Mardini, and his compassion for victims of war and trauma. The gift was made in honor of the Obaid family’s values -- particularly hope -- which they consider the most powerful emotion, providing the fortitude to persevere and the well from which people draw strength.

“Tarek and the Obaid family are dear to my heart, and knowing them and how much they enjoy helping others in need is a tremendous inspiration”, says Dr. Mardini. “Their gift will transform lives and provide hope, even for those who have lost hope. Through their gift, we will advance scientific discoveries and provide clinical care to so many, who now will have the chance to live normal lives.”

Hand Transplantation
Hand transplant is a treatment option for people who have had one or both hands amputated. Although not guaranteed, it may help one regain hand function and sensation in an attempt to improve life quality. Hand transplant requires a lifelong commitment to treatment.
Face Transplantation
Face transplant is a treatment option for people with severe facial disfigurement. It replaces all or part of a person's face with donor tissue. The procedure is performed in only a few transplant centers worldwide as it is a complex operation that takes months of planning and multiple surgical teams. The candidate is carefully evaluated to help ensure the best possible results in appearance and function.

U.S. News and World Report Best Hospitals
U.S. News & World Report has named Mayo Clinic to its annual list of Best Hospitals for more than 20 years. Hospitals named to the Honor Roll are part of a small group recognized for breadth of excellence.

To be included on the Honor Roll, a medical center must rank at or near the top in at least six of the 16 medical specialties included in the rankings. Mayo Clinic consistently ranks high for gastroenterology, kidney disease and disorders, heart care, cancer, orthopedics, diabetes and endocrinology, and other specialties.

U.S. News & World Report rankings are based on factors such as mortality index, patient safety, nurse staffing and Magnet status, patient services, and technology.
"We are honored to be able to help Mayo Clinic establish this center. We know it can have a profound impact on patients and it is our pleasure to support these programs." Tarek Obaid, Founder of EDOF
Essam and Dalal Obaid Center for Reconstructive Transplant Surgery: Hand Transplantation

Source : http://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/transplant-center/hand-transplant
"With severe facial deformity, people can live, but not be alive. With this donation, people can gain or regain their quality of life." Dr. Mardini
Key Figures
3 transplant centers in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota
Over 3,000 clinical trials and research studies each year at Mayo Clinic
The surgical procedure of 1 hand transplantation takes between 8 to 12 hours
The first full face transplant performed in the US was done in March 2011

Mayo Clinic announces its first face transplant

Last week, Mayo Clinic announced the successful completion of its first face transplant performed at the Mayo Clinic’s Essam and Dalal Center for Reconstructive Transplant Surgery. A team of over 100 surgeons, physicians, and other health professionals led by Dr. Samir Mardini, Surgical Director of the Center performed a near-total face transplant on Wyoming man, Andrew Sandness last summer. This groundbreaking, life-changing surgery will allow Mr. Sandness to chew, swallow, speak, breathe, and smell.

The Essam and Dalal Obaid Center for Reconstructive Transplant Surgery was established in 2010 through a gift from the Essam and Dalal Obaid Foundation (EDOF). “We at EDOF are overjoyed with the news of the face transplant, wish the patient continued health, and send our congratulations to the amazing group of specialists who performed the surgery. This is exactly the kind of medical innovation EDOF wanted to enable when it founded the Center, so we could not be happier.” said Dr. Nawaf Obaid, EDOF’s CEO.

The surgery, which took place in the summer of 2016 but was only just announced, took over 50 hours. It involved restoring the patient’s nose, upper and lower jaw, palate, teeth, cheeks, facial muscles, oral mucosa, some of the salivary glands and the skin of the face. Virtual surgical planning technology and 3-D printing were used to optimize the aesthetic and functional outcomes of the surgery.

Following the announcement of the successful operation, Dr. Hatem Amer, Medical Director of the Essam and Dalal Obaid Center for Reconstructive Transplant Surgery, said, “We are grateful that the guiding principles of the Mayo Brothers have endured and shepherded the development of the Reconstructive Transplant program.” He also took care to mention the donor family: “Throughout the entire journey, we have shared Andy’s concern and sympathy for the donor family who have made this amazing gift possible. Their selfless gift gives hope to so many other people who are living reclusively, have limited function, and are socially isolated due to facial deformities.”

Thousands of people have received organs, tissue and bone marrow transplants at Mayo Clinic over the last 50 years. It performs more transplants than any other institution in the world and has been on the forefront of reconstructive facial surgery since the 1930s. While the clinic’s primary goal is to restore normal anatomy and improve function, it also helps patients achieve better social integration by improving their appearance and removing their facial deformity, giving them the confidence to live less reclusively and have a better quality of life.

The clinic’s ability to be at the forefront of transplant technology has been greatly bolstered by the establishment of the Essam and Dalal Obaid Center for Reconstructive Transplant Surgery. The Center got its start through a gift from Mr. Tarek Obaid, EDOF’s Founder. “Because of the incredible generosity of Mr. Tarek Obaid and the Obaid family, Andy now has reestablished hope and a second chance at a normal life” Dr. Mardini Says. In response to the revolutionary face transplant, Mr. Obaid said, Our foundation is all about giving people hope, and I can think of no better way to do this than to support the medical establishment’s ability to perform successful transplants. I am so proud of the team, and look forward to more inspiring news.”
"I am absolutely amazed at the outcome so far. I am now able to chew and eat normal food, and the nerve sensation is slowly improving, too. My confidence has improved, and I’m feeling great ― and grateful. I am so thankful to my donor and the donor’s family, and to all of the people who have supported me throughout this process." Andrew Sandness

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