Our Mission

Social work and medical research

To achieve its medical mission, EDOF will fund targeted clinic-based research, advocate for more effective inter-institutional communication regarding effective cures and palliatives, support improved educational methods, promote the development of new technologies, and fund humanitarian medical treatment for disadvantaged populations.

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To achieve its social mission, EDOF will organize meetings between political/economic leaders and members of civil society, promote research into peaceful co-existence on a global scale, support cross-cultural education and strategic research, foster infrastructure development in poor regions, and fund micro-credit organizations. These efforts also consistently echoed through multiple communication channels in order to reach as many people as today’s technology allows, effectively increasing public awareness and sensitizing digital audiences to critical global issues.

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A limber organization

EDOF is designed to be a limber organization that can fund and advocate for projects that fulfill its mission and thus help those who are already established in their field to better carry out their plans of action.

EDOF executes exhaustive research into its areas of interest and the organizations doing the best work in those areas. Then, after a thorough analysis of the ethics and effectiveness of the organizations, EDOF gives generously to further those activities it finds valuable. EDOF’s gifts are an expression of its trust and support for cutting-edge problem solvers in our increasingly challenging world.

The selection of organizations is conducted by the entire team. Each board member brings their special background and skills to the selection process.

With many years of experience in political, business and financial initiatives, the EDOF board is able to identify and promote top-quality actions by reputable institutions to achieve measurable objectives. It is the hope of EDOF that some day we will be able to live in a world free of cancer and conflict, and two of its three board members – Nawaf Obaid and Karim Obaid – plan to devote a lot of their energy to realize that important dream - for their parents, for their children, and for humanity.

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