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EDOF & CNN Freedom Project
Joining Forces to End Modern-Day Slavery

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The Essam and Dalal Obaid Foundation (EDOF) and the CNN Freedom Project have launched the first step in a new, ongoing partnership that will seek to educate and advocate against human trafficking. The campaign began on March 23, 2015, with a PSA video calling for an end to modern day slavery that will air for one year at the beginning and end of all CNN Freedom Project documentaries. EDOF will also be lending support and messaging to the Freedom Project’s blog that features a diverse range of voices, from celebrity activists to anti-slavery campaigners, raising awareness of and suggesting solutions to human trafficking.

“We are very pleased to be working with the CNN Freedom Project on this vital initiative,” says EDOF CEO Nawaf Obaid. “Despite continuing efforts, modern slavery remains a fact in our world, with wide-ranging social, economic, and humanitarian ramifications. All governments and businesses must join forces to stop this heinous global crime, and this new partnership between EDOF and CNN will work toward this goal.”

EDOF is partnering with the CNN Freedom Project because of its long-standing commitment to bringing greater global awareness to the problem of human trafficking. The Freedom Project has been pivotal in not only spreading information about the issue, but it has been able to catalyze concrete action by donor countries, international organizations, NGO’s, and private foundations through passionate storytelling, investigative journalism, documentaries, and live events.

To date, the CNN Freedom Project has reported over 400 unique stories on human trafficking across more than 60 countries, provided evidence that has led to the liberation of over 1000 people, sparked tens of millions of dollars in donations to anti-trafficking organizations, and helped change laws and multi-national corporate policies around the world.

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Key Figures
million slaves in the world today
Average price of a slave today
Over 1000 children were trafficked for sexual exploitation
in Europe in 2014
“Peace is possible in our world because the vast majority of people dream of it. EDOF’s goal is to provide them with the research and opportunities they need to make it real” Nawaf Obaid, CEO


The aim of CNN Freedom Project is to bring greater global awareness to the problem of modern-day slavery and translate this awareness into real concrete action by donor countries, international organisations, NGOs and private foundations. Through passionate storytelling, investigative journalism, documentaries, live events, and viewer involvement, the CNN Freedom Project helps educate, motivate, and unravel the complicated tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life.
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